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Anti Vortex Grills

Current legislation recommends that there are two suction points in a pool at a distance of 2m apart, unfortunately logistically on many pools where only one sump has been fitted this is very expensive to retrofit, as the pool shell need to be excavated to install a new suction point.

The grill can however be brought up to current standard by fitting an anti vortex grill on the current suction point, this will stop any entrapment by allowing the suction to be spread evenly around the whole surface of the grill. Each anti vortex grill is specifically designed for the pool circulation flow; there are slots cut into both the sides and the top of the grill allowing an even suction.

The new grill can be fitted to the pool floor either with the pool empty or full with HSE qualified specialist underwater diving team.

It is the responsibility of the Pool Operator to carry out Risk Assessments and decide if the provision of an Anti Vortex grill will remove the hazard or lower the risk to an acceptable level.

Pool Covers

Pool covers, once in place, virtually stop evaporation from the pool surface, which is the main heat loss from a pool.


• Pool covers can have a payback period of less than 3 years
• Simple to install and operate
• Improve humidity levels in pool halls (when in use)
• Reduces deterioration of pool hall fabrics and decorations.

Use of a pool cover overnight means the requirement for heating and ventilating the pool hall overnight can be substantially reduced, or eliminated altogether.

Ladders & Hand Rails

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Tiling & Repair / Chemical Cleaning

Sterling Hydrotech can provide acid washing service to clean and remove body fats and surface stains on the pool shell and surrounds and can transform the look of a pool.

We also offer tile services for both new and refurbished pools our repair services include replacing missing tiles, crack repair, tile band replacement, grouting, expansion joints and repairs and refurbishments to existing pool surfaces.


Our design and consultancy team offer a complete package for both new and refurbishment of existing spas from initial design through to installation and commissioning.

Design innovation, coupled with attention to detail ensures that both the user and operator benefit from over 20 years of experience.

Our commercial deck level spa pool allows bathers to relax and unwind whilst being gently massaged by hundreds of tiny air jets whilst stiff aching muscles can be more vigorously massaged by a series of individual jets located around the sides of the spa.

We have a wide choice of commercial overflow spas available and vary in shape, style and size from a small 3 seater to the larger 9 seater spa, each installation can be designed and tailored to meet the customer needs.