Hyprolyser® Electro Chlorination

The Hyprolyser electro chlorination systems offer a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly way to provide chlorine for a wide range of disinfection uses.

The system uses salt, water and electricity to produce hypochlorite and produces dilute sodium hypochlorite <1%, below the threshold for classification as a hazardous substance.

The system offers many advantages as salt is a widely available commodity used in many commercial and industrial settings and is competitively priced for both small and large users. Compared to commercial chemicals salt is very safe and easy to store, and has a long shelf life and requires minimal packaging which can be easily recycled.

There are 3 models of Hyprolyser available and each model offers exactly the same quality of performance and benefits weather you are disinfecting a spa or a water treatment works.

The 3 models:

ISEC – 3 models available
Isec 30 pool volumes up to 90m3
Isec 60 pool volumes up 180m3
Isec 90 pool volumes up to 300m3

Compact – 2 models available
Compact 480 for pool volumes 450m3
Compact 900 for pool volumes up to 900m3

Standard – 6 Models available
280 pool volumes up to 500m3
560 pool volumes up to 1000m3
1100 for pool volumes up to 2000m3
2200 for pool volumes up to 4000m3
4250 for pool volumes up to 8000m3
8500 for pool volumes up to 16,000m3

The added benefits of the Hyprolyser are:

  • Large savings on chemical costs compared to calcium hypochlorite
  • Reduction in plastic containers to dispose of
  • Better for the environment
  • A better working environment for staff
  • Estimated 20% saving on PH Costs
  • Reduces cleaning of chemical injectors
  • No bulk storage deliveries reducing health and safety risks
  • Reduction in leaks on delivery pipe work
  • Reduction in health and safety risks due to no hazardous chemicals in bulk storage on site

Granudos® Integrated Dosing Systems

The Granudos 45 dosing system doses calcium hypochlorite directly from the drum. It uses acid that for the adjustment of pH in the pool water and additionally to avoid scaling within the dissolving equipment the acid is dosed within the system directly from the container.

Chlorine and acid are dosed separately at intervals to the dissolving system from where the very low concentrated chlorine solution is conveyed by a venturi nozzle to the pool water. Dosing manually/continuously or linked to any auto-control system with on/off output. Safety check and monitoring of flow, level, pressure and chemical empty. Switch off dosing in case of malfunction.

  • Suitable for pools sizes up to app. 1500m3 pool volume
  • 230V single phase supply required
  • Minimum water supply pressure 0.2bar
  • Maximum pressure at the injection point 1.2bar (depending on pre-pressure)
  • Maximum chlorine output 2 kg/hr
  • Maximum Acid output 3ltr/hr
  • Booster pump: 230V with output of app. 1000ltr/hr drawing 0.33kw/h
  • Dimensions w 60 x d 70 x h 140cm
  • Weight app 50kg

Vertical support: Rotating drum carrier, steel, zinc and blue powder coated, drum fixing device with clamp bands and safety belt.

Chlorine dosing: Dosing hopper to be screwed on the chemical drum, with gear dosing motor 24VDC with dosing screw and holder, solenoid knocker, heated nozzle, empty switch and cover. Hopper for 25 or 40kg calcium hypochlorite drums.

Acid dosing: With peristaltic pump 2,5 l/h, carbouy lance with level switch for empty indication of acid container, injection valve to the flushing and dissolving tank.
Dissolving system for the chemicals: Pre-filter, flushing tank, booster pump, venturi nozzle, mixing and dissolving cyclone. monitoring switches for level in tank min/max, suction power (flow) of venturi and pump pressure.

Control system

  • Housing IP 54
  • Programme selector for 8 service and test programmes.
  • Adjustment of the dosing rates chlorine and acid by 2 knobs.
  • Relay system to assure dosing of only chlorine or acid or none.
  • Inputs for external dosing control with on/off signal 230 volt or non-volt contact
    for free chlorine /redox and pH)
  • Monitoring switches with each separate indication with 5 red lamps.
  • Non volt fault remote control
  • Calcium Hypochlorite is an excellent chemical to disinfect pool or drinking water: best water quality.
  • High chlorine concentration (app. 70% chlorine).
  • Best storage possibilities of the Calhypo.
  • Safe and easy handling.
  • No calcification or sludge deposits.
  • Low danger potential.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Easy and very economical to maintain.
  • Reliable operation.

Granudos 10

The Granudos 10 is a dosing station for calcium hypochlorite granulate and acid for the disinfection of swimming pool water.

Chlorine dosing directly from integrated hopper 5 kg. Acid is dosed into the system directly from the canister to correct the pH and to avoid scaling. Chlorine and acid are dosed separately in intervals to the dissolving system and are dissolved completely. Then the chlorine solution is conveyed by a venturi nozzle to the pool water. Dosing manually or linked to an external control system. All functions are permanently monitored.

Housing: Solid one part rotational sintered PE shape containing all functional parts.
Chlorine dosing: Dosing hopper for chlorine granulate for max. 5 kg, dosing motor, dosing screw, knocker to support the dosing.
Acid dosing: Peristaltic dosing pump, suction lance with empty report of the canister, dosing valve 3/8“ in the dissolving system.
Dissolving system: Pre-filter d 75, flushing tank, booster pump app. 1000 l/h at 1,2 bar, venturi, mixing cyclone. Monitoring of the pump by pressure switch. Monitoring of the suction performance of the venturi. Level monitoring in the flushing tank.
Micro processor controller S5: Operation and visualisation via 5-line LC display and three buttons. Fault indications are displayed in plain text. Stepless adjustment of dosing performances chlorine and acid. External dosing control with controllers for free chlorine and pH-value with non-volt contact or 230 V/AC impulse length controlled or frequency. Relay system to assure dosing of only chlorine or acid or none. Switch-off of the dosing at malfunction.

Suitable for Pool sizes up to 300m³

  • Up to 70% Chlorine yield with Calcium Hypochlorite
  • No sludge or calcification problems
  • Max Chlorine output 2kg/h
  • Max Acid output 1l/h
  • Safe easy chemical handling
  • Measures W 60cm x D 50cm x H 80
  • Weight approx. 35kgs
  • Reliable operation

Chloridos Chlorine Dioxide Dosing

With a highly accurate and constantly monitored metering method to dispense the precursor chemicals, hourly, daily or weekly. Chlorine dioxide (clo2) usage data and status reports can be easily checked via smartphone or desktop browser, or sent via email or GSM.

In this way the new chloriDOS iOX system provides operators and service companies with a new level of detailed reporting. Acting as a powerful management and monitoring tool helping to significantly reduce the need for routine and costly chemical audit visits.

Innovative design really sets the iOX apart from other on-site systems producing chlorine dioxide as a tertiary treatment. Expensive precision dosing pumps with flow monitoring devices, wearable diaphragms and mechanical pressure relief valves are consigned to the past.

With very few moving or wearable parts, robust reliability and very low maintenance costs are easily achieved, year after year. Eliminating the risk of accidents arising from pressurised chemical feed lines, the iOX vacuum preparation method provides the highest standard of operator safety available. Binary chemicals are allowed to be stored remotely from the generator, if desired. Contact our Technical Sales team for further information.

The next generation of on-site water disinfection solutions. Providing incredible safety, efficiency and accuracy in the control of bacteria, Biofilm and Legionella. Our latest evolution in on-site Chlorine Dioxide systems really is unique.

By incorporating our patent pending, volumetric batch generation technology, it is not only the most accurate on the market, but also provides unmatched data reporting, that is easily accessible. Compact and durable in construction, iOX provides peace of mind in demanding environments. It’s cost effective in terms of scalability and whole life costs whilst enabling maintenance efficiencies that offer real end user benefits.

Using a unique patented process, the iOX® automatically draws and mixes precisely measured amounts of acid and chlorite, under vacuum, from respective chemical storage containers.

The reacted chlorine dioxide solution is homogenised with a volumetrically controlled flow of cold water, prior to dispensing as a dilute solution into the integral storage tank under atmospheric pressure.

iOX® offers outstanding benefits and performance:

  • Vacuum process eliminates chemical reagent dosing pumps, greatly improving reliability and reducing maintenance
  • Flexibility -reagent chemicals are drawn under vacuum and may be transferred greater than 50m from remote chemical storerooms.
  • Precise –reagent consumption is finely controlled by volumetric flow sensors for optimum chemical efficiency
  • Easy management -remote monitoring and chemical status reporting via web or SMS messaging
  • Simple to operate
  • Low whole life costs
  • iOX® models available in 100, 200, 250 & 500 g/h chlorine dioxide generation capacity
  • Durable, attractive, easy to clean equipment cover.
  • Vivid LED background illumination with colour changing status feature.
  • Easy to operate membrane keypad with code protected programming, multi-lingual menu selection, OLED display with green, amber, red LED status indicators


  • Alarm event log with real time stamp recording
  • Volumetric measurement (<0.2% error) and data storage of chemical reagent consumption values
  • Remote monitoring option via web or SMS for monitoring chemical reagent consumption volumes, system status, water meter usage/process volumes and fault indications.
  • Skid mounted system, factory wet-tested and pre-commissioned for quick and easy installation
  • Standard models with CE conformity.
  • 2 year warranty