Automatic Backwash Systems

Our automatic backwash systems can be individually designed to suit most filtration systems and can be retro fitted to existing filter manifold or new installations.

The system combines automatic backwash valves installed on the filter manifold and sensors which monitor the pressure drop across the filters, this is linked to a control panel which sets a backwash sequence and can be out of hours to limit disruption to the pool operation.

The benefits of the automatic system allows the reduction of operator and user time performing the backwashing of the filters within the plant room.

TDS Meters

Our range of automatic TDS monitors can be fitted to most filtration systems, the system is fitted into the pool plant circulation pipe work and is designed to monitor the pools TDS levels.

When the TDS levels reaches an upper alarm limit and a pre-set level the system will automatically dumps water to the backwash line and can be linked to the auto water make up system to replenish the pool with fresh water and diluting until the TDS levels are back within range.

Once the TDS levels return within range then the system closes the dump valve and return to normal operation.

The system is fully automatic and doesn’t require any manual operation by site maintenance or users.

Water Meters

Our engineers can fit a range of different water meters and various sizes to fit onto the swimming pool water make up systems or backwash outlets to allow the users to monitor their water consumptions and water usage on their pool.

We can install both domestic and commercial sized water meters our commercial cold water meters are sized meters for larger applications. Their design allows for bulk flows of water to be monitored in either a horizontal or vertical installation position. The maximum operating temperature is 30°C for the when used on Cold Water applications.

The meters are all MID approved for billing requirements and also hold the WRAS approval making them safe to use on potable drinking water installations.

Water meters can also be linked to external monitoring systems and data logging where these are required on larger water usage sites.