Grundfos NBE Circulation Pumps

We can offer a wide variety of circulation pumps to replace your existing pumps, all of our circulation pumps are sized to offer the optimum flow and head pressure for the pool.


Did you know that 85% of the pump life-cycle cost is related to the daily running of the pump, 5% is the cost of the pump and 10% maintenance costs for the lifetime of the pump.

The Grundfos NBE end-suction close-coupled pumps are non-self-priming, single-stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial-suction port, radial-discharge port and horizontal shaft. If you require a pump for demanding applications where flow requirements vary, the NBE is available with a permanent magnet MGE motor up to 11 kW with built-in variable frequency drive and IE5 efficiency to keep efficiency high at all times.

The compact close-coupled pump design means that installation in confined areas is easy. The NBE pump’s main dimensions are designed to the EN733 standard and all end-suction pumps are tested to ISO 9906:2012 Acceptance Grade standards before leaving the factory.

The motor includes a frequency converter and PI controller this enables continuously variable control of the motor speed, which again enables adaptation of the performance to a given requirement.

The replacement of your existing pumps with new Grundfos NBE pumps can typically save 30-50% energy and 30% reduction on the Co2 emissions and short payback times.

The Grundfos E-motor with a built-in frequency converter that enables variable-speed operation with the following benefits in pump applications:

  • energy savings
  • process control
  • extra functionalities
  • built-in motor protection
  • higher performance and more compact pumps
  • reduced water hammer due to long ramp times
  • low starting currents

E-motors provide a range of benefits over standard motors such as:

  • The motor and frequency converter are perfectly matched for trouble free operation.
  • Reduced CAPEX in installed components and wiring costs.
  • Purchase the complete system through Grundfos for easy customer service.
  • Dedicated functionality for specific pump applications – no further programming required.
  • Predefined intelligent control modes such as constant pressure, proportional pressure, and constant level, make it easy to fit the pump into any application.
  • Meets EMC standards making it suitable for residential purpose buildings – without an intermediate transformer.
  • High operating temperature with up to IP66 enclosure range up to 50 °C without any derating – 60°C when derated 1 size.
  • Low acoustic noise levels make it suitable for use in building services compared to similar competitor products.
  • Advanced I/O and functionality can often remove the need to use an additional external controller or PLC to control the system

Plate Heat Exchangers

We offer a range of Plate Heat Exchangers to heat your swimming pools that can replace existing shell and tube calorifiers or upgrade the existing heat exchangers.

Plate Heat Exchangers have high transfer coefficients, which can offer excellent thermal performance to size ratio when compared to a shell & tube heat exchanger design. higher performance and optimum transfer of primary to secondary heat, they also offer flexibility with the increase or decrease of the number of plates can offer an increase or decrease in the unit’s thermal properties.

They also offer some degree of flexibility the number of plates can be increased or decreased to suite the flow rates required.

These units require expert design using the Primary Flow and Temperature parameters to offer the correct transfer of Heat to the Secondary Water Circulation flow and consequently the Water in your pool.

Our experienced team offer the complete service from design through to installation and can modify your pool plant including the existing primary and secondary pipe work to suit the installation of the new heat exchanger which will be installed on a side stream connection.

Inverter Drives

Swimming pool halls are expensive to run, consuming large amounts of electricity. The high energy consumption is due to the large volume of water in the pool that continually needs to be circulated, heated, treated, filtered, topped up and replaced.

A 25 m pool can hold as much as a million litres of water. Additionally, the costs for space heating and ventilation are high. In a large hotel, the swimming pool can account for up to 10% of total energy costs.

Swimming pool running costs can be significantly reduced by as much as 50 percent with variable speed drives. These devices control the flow of swimming pool pumps to eliminate the energy waste that is common with conventional pump and fan control methods.

A small reduction in speed can make a big difference in energy consumption. A pump or fan running at half speed consumes only one quarter as much energy as a unit running at full speed. This is because the power required to run a pump or fan changes with the cube of the speed.

Because many pump and fan systems run at less than full capacity for much of the time, variable speed drives can produce huge savings. If a 15 kW pump is throttled by 50%, for example, the investment in a variable speed drive will have a payback in less than 1 year of continuous operation.

This will give, Significantly reduction in energy bills, a Rapid return on investment, Lower maintenance costs, and Substantial contribution to the environment by lower CO2 emissions and access to Carbon Trust loans

The VSD’s (Variable Speed drives) are easy to retrofit to any motor / pump installation by our qualified engineers.

At night, the power to each pump can be reduced typically by some 50% which will only reduce the flow rate by some 20%, giving a flow rate and turn over of some 80% through the night-time period when the pool is not in use.

By cycling the pump between these day and night settings, energy consumption can be cut by nearly half, compared to running the pump continuously at full speed. Note that these figures are guidelines only. The actual settings Reduce pump speed when demand is low must be adjusted for each installation.

Pool Covers

A pool cover can offer significant energy savings on the average a 25m pool which operates with a pool cover can save an estimated of 500kwh/m2 per annum and payback time within 2-3 years.

A pool cover can be fitted to most typed of pools and can be designed to fit the application and can be column or wall mounted systems.

Our commercial pool covers are installed and come complete with floatation boom, tow ropes and spool tapes, fitted to a remote controlled for operator ease.

All pool covers require a thorough site survey completed by our experienced team to identify the best pool cover to suit your pool type.

There are many advantages for installing a pool cover which include:
  • Payback period of less than 3 years based on energy savings
  • Simple to install and easy to operate
  • Improve humidity levels in pool halls (when in use)
  • Reduces deterioration of pool hall fabrics and decorations.