Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Sterling offers a variety of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) agreements with frequencies matched to your requirement.

We strongly believe in the benefits of PPM help extend the longevity of equipment and prevent problems from occurring. It’s a proactive approach to maintenance, aimed at avoiding failures, breakages and unexpected maintenance costs associated with reactive servicing.

Emergency Call Outs

We don't live in a perfect world, so there will be times when you need an emergency response.

Sterling can support all our customers with emergency support. We have a telephone technical support team who are available at all times. When required one of our field engineers will attend site to rectify the problem. Depending on the issue, we can offer immediate mobilisation of our engineers and out of hours call outs.

Spare Parts

We keep a large amount of stock to ensure we can offer the best service to our customers.

All our engineers have well stocked vehicles carrying parts for all common breakdowns. Our main storage facility is at our headquarters in Chesterfield and this is supplemented by regional warehouse stores.

We also have a good relationship with many large manufacturers who provide us with bonded stock which is replenished monthly.

Business Management System

At Sterling we operate a bespoke Business Management System (BMS) which allows us to efficiently assess customer information, schedule work, monitor performance and review site history.

Our BMS system is cloud based system so you can view it from any internet access point, including your mobile phone.

What makes it unique in the leisure market is that for multi site contracts, clients will be given a login to a customer portal on our BMS where they can view all the information on their sites which includes, all current and historic site reports, all site assets, quotations, status of work, completed work etc. The login can be created with different access levels, so that each site can view their own information, and the council can view all information.

As well as viewing information, breakdown request can be logged on the customer portal, and status of outstanding work can also be viewed.

Filter Inspections

Current PWTAG guidelines state that an inspection of the filter media and vessel internals should be carried out on an annual basis.

Sterling can perform filter inspections whilst the pool remains open causing no disruption to daily operations.

As part of the inspection, a photographic report will be provided outlining the results and any recommendations/repairs necessary.

Balance Tanks Inspections and Cleaning

The PWTAG guidelines state that a correctly designed balance tank should be drained down once a year and any debris cleared out and the inner surfaces brushed and flushed down with 100mg/l chlorinated water.

Our team of engineers are all qualified to work in confined spaces as required by health and safety regulations for this type of work and can carry out all cleaning, emptying, re lining and repairs work within the balance tank.

Condition Surveys

Sterling offers comprehensive site inspections, audit visits and condition surveys on swimming pools/spas and associated plant to identify compliance with current regulation and standards. These include areas such as design, installation, service and maintenance and Health and Safety.

We can undertake the inspection of existing installations for ongoing maintenance requirements, replacement and/or refurbishment and insurance claims.

Our team will assess the existing plant and prepare detailed reports and recommendations for action, working with the client to satisfy budgetary requirements.

Diving Services

Sterling has an in-house diving team who can complete underwater services such as:
  • Moveable Floor Servicing
  • Underwater Servicing
  • Installation of all types of Grills including Anti-Vortex
  • Tiling Repairs

All work is carried out by HSE qualified divers and provide complete reports and recommendations as laid down by the HSC – Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools and to PWTAG guidelines regarding the construction and condition of swimming pools.

Sauna and Steam Room Service

Sterling undertake servicing on all types of commercial Sauna and Steam Rooms.

We offer a variety of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) agreements with frequencies matched to your requirement.

Our experienced electrically qualified engineers will also be able to check, identify and advise on potential faults to prevent any future failures.

Media Clean

Over time, filter media such as silica sand can lose its efficiency due to a build up of organic material which adheres to sand particles. This build up can lead to unwanted bacteria and biofilm growth.

We typically recommend DesoPur® for cleaning filter media periodically. DesoPur® is a patented chlorine dioxide treatment which breaks up compacted filter beds and oxidises body fats & bio films, restoring silica sand to its original condition.

The procedure can be carried out quickly, easily and safely with non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals. Generally, the cleaning process occurs overnight to minimise disruption to pool operations.

Spa System Disinfection Cleaning

PWTAG guidelines state commercial spa systems should be drained and cleaned regularly and that spa balance tanks should be cleaned at least twice per year.

The process of cleaning all wetted areas of spas is a difficult task when have to take into consideration internal pipework, jets and a balance tank.

Sterling can provide a cleaning service of a complete spa system including balance tanks and internal pipework. Typically, we would use LegioCid® Plus which is specially formulated for spa system disinfection. It works by producing a controlled release of chlorine dioxide which safely and efficiently removes bacteria, biofilms and body fats.

Ultrasonic Testing

Sterling offer services such as ultrasonic testing to test the thickness of a steel filter vessel.

This should be an essential test prior to filter refurbishments and can be used to assist in budgeting and planning for future refurbishments or replacement of vessels.

Leak Detection

Leaks on pools can happen for many reasons such as ageing pipework, poor installation, lack of support.

If the leak cannot be identified due to the pipe work being buried underground, we can offer a cost effective solution to identify the location of the leak on the pipe work without having the expense of excavating the whole pool surround to expose the pipework.

Our leak detection services can be used to identify leaks on all types of swimming pools including indoor, outdoor pools and water activity play areas.

We offer services such as pipework pressure testing, underwater surveys and dye tests. If specialist equipment is required, we can offer thermal imaging, acoustic listening, gas tracing, correlators and camera surveys.

When the location of the leak is detected our experienced engineers will excavate the area, and either repair, or replace the section of buried pipe.