When you can meet people on Teams and Zoom, and get product knowledge online – do exhibitions still have a place?

No doubt the COVID pandemic changed the exhibition industry. There was a noticeable drop in footfall at events and as a result, budgets were allocated elsewhere, mainly to digital strategies. Every possible part of businesses (if it wasn’t already) was moved online – meetings, marketing strategies, advertising, product information, demos, etc.

This brought up a question: do we really need in-person events and meetings when it can be done online?

And the fact is, we do. Even though it is possible to run businesses entirely remotely with everyone working from the comfort of their own home. Humans are social animals, and it’s this face-to-face contact that is missed.

The relationships you can form, the simple power of a handshake, helps to build confidence and trust, something that is vital in the supply chain.

Whilst you can download technical details of products from suppliers’ websites, that doesn’t necessarily tell you that the product will do the job you want it to do, or that there might be a better way of doing that job. Yet a quick conversation with a specialist engineer, can soon tell you about the best product for your application, and often finding a solution that you hadn’t considered.

We'll see you at

Location: Coventry Building Society Arena
Date: 6th – 8th February 2024   Stand: C23

Are you interested in learning about energy and water saving technologies to reduce costs and carbon footprint? Now is the time to discover strategies to improve pool energy efficiency.

We are swimming pool filtration and water treatment specialists, bringing over three decades worth of experience to the pool. We design, supply, install and service filtration & water treatment equipment throughout the UK.

Our comprehensive range of technologies and equipment create a cleaner, safer and healthier pool environment. Whether you need spare parts, maintenance, or a complete turnkey project – Sterling can provide a quality solution that you can depend upon with confidence.

We help swimming pool and spa facilities make operational cost savings, reduce water and energy usage, and improve safety and compliance. To enable your pool and spa facility to provide elite customer experience whilst operating efficiently and cost-effectively.

We’ll be joined by WCS Group

WCS Group are the largest pool and spa water specialists in the UK, and currently manage water quality for over 1,900 pools across the country. They provide specialist water management, control, testing, safety and compliance solutions.

Together, we offer expert services for:

  • Pool & spa water chemistry
  • Chemical dosing & supply
  • Water filtration
  • Microbiology
  • Legionella control
  • Plant and maintenance support
  • Water purification
  • Water re-use (including wastewater)

SPATEX offers a variety of carefully chosen keynote speakers and an opportunity to network with other pool engineers. So, bring your challenges to Coventry and see how our engineers can help you solve them.

To see the schedule of workshops and seminars, click here.

Need more information? Contact James on 01246 857000 or email: jamesh@sterling-hydrotech.co.uk